Quigley’s FAAQ (Frequently Asked and Answered Questions)

-How much Quigley’s should I drink?
Each 2oz. bottle is a single shot dose.

-How long can I expect Quigley’s to last?
Quigley’s can last up to 3-5 hours.

-How long does it take me to feel the effects of Quigley’s 2oz. drink?
Quigley’s is fast acting and typically can be felt within seconds building within a few minutes.

-Is the 10mg dosage effective?
Yes, Quigley’s proprietary 10mg formula typically produces a unique signature effect.

-Does having eaten prior to drinking Quigley’s diminish the results?
Eating does not affect the Quigley’s result whatsoever.

-Does Quigley’s have a cannabis taste or after taste?
There is not an easily discernable cannabis taste or after taste, only a slightly sweet taste.

-Can Quigley’s be detected on my breath?
Unlike smoking, Quigley’s has no breath odor.

-What is the calorie count?
Quigley’s is a ZERO Calories consumable.

-Does Quigley’s have real sugar?
Quigley’s is sugar free.

-Does Quigley’s need to be refrigerated like a cold drink?
Unlike drinks that need to be consumed cold, Quigley’s does not require refrigeration before opening.

-What is the typical experience like?
Quigley’s is a relaxing yet energetic experience, allowing clear headedness without making you tired.

-How does Quigley’s guarantee and produce consistent dosages in every bottle?
Quigley’s Standard Operating Procedures (Q-SOP) is built into the manufacturing process to ensure reliable dosage results.

-Does Quigley’s contain Gluten?
Quigley’s is completely gluten free.